DIYwraps offers two unique films that are designed to meet any graphic need on any application surface! We’re giving you a deep dive into our revolutionary films, starting with SimpleTack. SimpleTack is the ultimate user-friendly film. It installs in a flash, is fully removable, and is reusable and repositionable as needed!

Install your SimpleTack graphic crooked? It’ll peel right up with no adhesive residue, and install cleanly until you have it perfectly aligned! Love your graphic, but want to test it out in a new location? SimpleTack graphics can be reused upwards of 3 times! Simply pull up from a corner and your graphic will remove easily, and the adhesive will bond beautifully to your new application surface!

How To Install SimpleTack Graphics

The best thing about SimpleTack is it’s deep air channel adhesive pattern, which is our secret sauce for a wrinkle and bubble free install! SimpleTack installs in just three easy steps.

  1. First, clean and prep your surface for application with isopropyl alcohol. Use a general cleaner such as Purple Power or Simple Green to clean heavily contaminated surfaces before using the isopropyl alcohol as a final wipe down.
  2. Next, place your decal on the clean, flat application surface. Peel back about half of the adhesive backing and crease it slightly so it folds over. Carefully place your top corners at your desired location and press across the top edge to make a secure bond with your application surface.
  3. Finally, install the remainder of your decal by carefully pulling off more of the adhesive backing. Continue to press the decal against your surface. You can push out air bubbles as they form to ensure a smooth and even bond. You can then remove the backing entirely and finish application by smoothing out any air bubbles that may have formed.

Where To Install SimpleTack Graphics

SimpleTack graphics are perfect for short-term or indoor installations. It’s perfect for surfaces such as drywall or glass, and works great as temporary vehicle graphics (like our auto dealer marketing graphics). You can even add our special HIPAA compliant dry erase protective laminate to make any graphic into a whiteboard!

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