Last week we introduced our SimpleTack film, which is perfect for indoor installations on surfaces like glass and drywall. You can read all about SimpleTack here! Now, we are exploring our EnduraTack film, you can think of it as SimpleTack’s tougher counterpart! EnduraTack features the same high-quality adhesive used on professional wraps, so you can rest easy knowing your graphics will stay put- until YOU are ready to remove them!

While EnduraTack is more durable than SimpleTack, it installs in a flash with NO professional installation experience needed! EnduraTack’s adhesive gets stronger over time, which means you can reposition your graphic as needed until you are satisfied with the placement. Since EnduraTack has a strong adhesive, it is NOT repositionable once fully installed. However, they are fully removable and leave behind NO adhesive residue!

How To Install EnduraTack Graphics

EnduraTack is unique due to it’s pressure sensitive adhesive, which is what makes this professional-grade film so easy to install! Since it has stronger adhesive qualities than SimpleTack, there are a few more installation steps. You also may find our application tool very helpful when installing EnduraTack graphics.

  1. Clean and prep your surface for application. Use a cleaner such as Purple Power or Simple Green to clean heavily contaminated surfaces before using isopropyl alcohol as a final wipe-down. Start with your decal on a clean, flat surface. Peel back about 5 inches of the adhesive backing and crease it slightly so it folds over.
  2. Place your decal on the application surface. Line the decal up as desired and lightly secure the corners to the surface. Ensure that the graphic is lined up exactly how you want it before firmly securing it to your surface. Our EnduraTack adhesive is removable, but NOT repositionable once fully installed. If you are unhappy with your initial placement of your decal, you can gently pull up the tacked corners and reposition as needed.
  3. Secure your decal once you are happy with the placement by pressing the center of the top edge into place. At this point, your decal should be tacked in three spots: top left corner, top right corner, and top center. Hold your application tool at a 30° angle and gently slide it from the center of your decal out to each side. This will remove any air bubbles and make secure contact with your application surface.
  4. Install the remainder of your decal by removing a few more inches of the backing, and continuing to apply the decal as explained above. Continue working in this fashion until there is about 2” of adhesive backing remaining on the decal. You can then remove the backing entirely and finish application by smoothing out any air bubbles that may have formed during the application process.

Where To Install EnduraTack Graphics

EnduraTack graphics are perfect for floor graphics, permanent architectural graphics, and long-term vehicle graphics. Due to it’s strong adhesive properties, we do NOT recommend application on drywall. All architectural and vehicle graphics comes standard with a protective gloss overlaminate to keep your graphics looking fresh. EnduraTack Floor products feature an anti-skid laminate that keeps your graphic in tip-top shape, while also protecting against slips and falls.

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