As schools continue to reopen amid the pandemic, the safety of your students and staff is more important than ever. COVID-19 school safety graphics are now integral to the schooling system. Whether they are offering social distancing reminders or alerting students to temperature check stations, eye-catching graphics are a must. You know your school better than anyone else, so DIYWraps made school safety graphics that are easy for your staff to install where you know they’re needed!

What Makes DIYwraps School Safety Graphics Different?

We print our COVID-19 safety wall graphic on our SimpleTack film, the film that installs with the palm of your hand! Our revolutionary dot-pattern adhesive is the secret that makes SimpleTack so easy to install! This unique property creates hundreds of air channels, which prevents bubbles during installation. You can push any trapped air out through the channels, leaving you with a perfect, bubble-free install, every time!

Close-up shot of SimpleTack's adhesive dot-pattern.
Close-up of SimpleTack’s adhesive dot-pattern.

SimpleTack beats out other self-install graphics on the durability front as well. Not only are SimpleTack graphics repositionable (in the case of crooked installation), they are also REUSABLE! You can switch up the placement of each safety graphic up to three times. This gives you the freedom to determine the most effective locations for safety reminders in your school, without having repurchase graphics!

Other graphics companies consider Installation and survey services as a perk, but we think otherwise. We know you want to limit the foot traffic in and out of your school now more than ever, which is why we made DIYwraps so simple. We offer a variety of high-impact designs for every age group, covering every COVID-19 safety protocol. DIYwraps School Safety Graphics were created with YOU in mind, so they’re easy to:

  • Install: NO professional installation experience needed.
  • Reposition: Say goodbye to bubbles or crooked graphics.
  • Remove: So you can stay up to date with changing state and CDC guidelines.
  • Design: Select one of our pre-made designs, customize select graphics with our online design tool, or upload your own art!

The possibilities are endless with DIYwraps!