DIYWraps was developed to make high quality architectural and vehicle graphics more affordable by eliminating the installation costs associated with typical full color graphics.  As a division of Identity Group, LLC, DIYWraps understands that you want nothing less than the best for your business graphics. We’ve been in the vehicle advertising wraps business for nearly 15 years and understand the impact that striking, high-quality design can make. Other graphics companies and print shops force you to make concessions: Do you want durable materials or a foolproof application? Custom designs or affordability? For once, you don’t have to choose! At DIYWraps, our goal is to provide you with high quality vinyl decals that don’t only look amazing but are simple to apply without the help of professional installers.  DIYWraps prints all our decals in house at our Pennsylvania headquarters on only the highest quality vinyl and offers fully custom wall and vehicle wraps that are easy to install- no experience or training required. We offer two different types of revolutionary adhesive vinyl, so you’re sure to find the right product for all your business needs!

SimpleTack is the go-to material for nearly all your graphics needs! Designed specifically for our wall and window decals, SimpleTack is the ultimate user-friendly architectural decal. Say goodbye to bubbles and peeling corners with SimpleTack’s air release technology that delivers a smooth installation- every time. SimpleTack can be easily repositioned in the case of crooked placement and removal is a breeze. Just pull up from a corner and the decal will peel right off! For the best installation possible, we recommend that SimpleTack products be applied on flat surfaces or simple curves.

Designed specifically for high traffic areas and heavy-duty adhesion, EnduraTack is tougher and more durable than SimpleTack, but installs just as easily!  Say goodbye to bubbles and peeling corners with EnduraTack’s air release technology that delivers a smooth installation- every time. EnduraTack features the same quality adhesive used on professional vehicle wraps, so you can rest easy knowing your vinyl decals will stay put until you decide to remove them. Our EnduraTack Floor products are protected with an anti-skid textured laminate to protect both your customers and your decal! Unlike other heavy-duty vinyl decals, EnduraTack decals are easily removeable without any frustrating glue residue. EnduraTack decals are perfect for application on compound vehicle curves.  **Disclaimer** EnduraTack products are NOT recommended for application on drywall due to its strong adhesive.