Custom Order Return Policy

At DIYwraps, we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase and experience. We hope that your expectations will be exceeded by our quality and service.

It is your responsibility to review your order and confirm that it is correct before submitting it to us. Your order is specifically made for you, and therefore DIYwraps cannot accept returns or refunds of personalized products if the dissatisfaction is not due to an error by DIYwraps. For instance, DIYwraps cannot refund personalized product(s) if the quality issue is due to:

  • Typographical errors, misspelled words or name, incorrect grammar, unfinished text, or other material provided by the user.
  • Low quality or blurry photographs provided by the user.
  • Design or creative choices. Please be sure you are satisfied with the color combinations, photographs and overall layout of your products before submitting your order.

Please note that each order you submit is completed in-house by DIYwraps design and production team. If you are ordering multiple copies of the same product, you are strongly encouraged to order all copies as part of one order to minimize variations in color. We calibrate our printers and work hard to keep the final products as consistent as possible, but slight variances in color may occur. Color or binding variations are normal occurrences and will not be considered manufacturing defects or deficiencies and will not qualify for replacement of product(s).