Automotive Dealer Marketing Graphics

Introducing automotive dealer marketing graphics for the 21st century car dealer! Say goodbye to the generic advertising decals you’ve seen for years, and say hello to on-vehicle advertising with a DIYwraps twist!
Our collection includes 30 fresh designs for everything from Luxury models to certified pre-owned vehicles! Half of our curated product line can be CUSTOMIZED using our online design tool. Switch up colors, text, or logos to  make these decals match your brand! We also offer fully customizable decals to make your advertising one of a kind.
Our auto dealer graphics are printed on our SimpleTack film, which means these graphics are repositionable, reusable, and fully removable. Installation is a breeze, thanks to SimpleTack’s deep air channels, so there’s no unsightly bubbles or peeling corners. They remove just as easily, and our graphics leave behind NO adhesive residue on your vehicles.

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