Custom Temporary Vehicle Decal

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Looking for a creative way to promote a special event? Maybe you’re an auto dealer looking for a fully custom graphic, that won’t damage the vehicles on your sales lot? Look no further than DIYWrap’s Custom Temporary Vehicle Decal. You have complete control over the size, colors, fonts, and images used on your decal, thanks to our deep customization integration. We also offer professional design services for anyone who needs a helping hand making their decal POP!


Our vehicle decals are printed on high quality vinyl and feature our revolutionary SimpleTack adhesive, which separates DIYWraps from the competition.

Unlike other vinyl decals, DIYWraps products can be applied in minutes and require NO professional installation. Say goodbye to bubbles and peeling corners with SimpleTack’s air egress technology that delivers a smooth installation- every time. SimpleTack decals can be easily repositioned in the case of crooked placement, and removal is a breeze. Just pull up from a corner and the decal will peel right off! For the best installation possible, we recommend that SimpleTack products be applied on flat surfaces or simple curves. Our rectangular vehicle decals can be up to 53” wide and 10’ long and come standard with sharp corners.

If our fully custom temporary vehicle decal isn’t for you, check out our full collection of auto dealer decals here!


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