Auto dealerships are different now than they were 25 years ago, so why do so many still advertise like its the 90’s? We noticed that on-vehicle advertising really hasn’t changed much, and nearly every dealership uses the same decals on their vehicles. That’s why we created on-vehicle marketing graphics for the 21st century car dealer! Say goodbye to the generic decals you’ve seen for years, and say hello to dealer advertising with a DIYwraps twist!

What makes DIYwraps Auto Dealer Graphics different?

For starters, we completely revamped the typical auto dealer graphics designs. No more plain text on a yellow background! Our designers created fresh designs that meet the needs of auto dealerships, while appealing to the new generation of buyers! While these designs are clean and readable, they also add some flair to your lot to make you stand out from your competition! We also designed these graphics with new cars in mind, so we highlighted features like backup cameras and lane assist.

Also, we took advantage of our online design tool and created 15 designs with customization options! About half of our auto dealer collection feature custom fields like text, color or logo upload! You can watch our short customization tutorial below to see just how easy it is to make your own custom graphic!

About Our Graphics

Our entire auto dealer marketing collection is printed on our revolutionary SimpleTack film. Thanks to it’s deep air release channels, SimpleTack installs beautifully every time, with NO professional installation experience required. You can trust that our graphics will stay put as long as you need them to, but remove cleanly with no adhesive residue. Our adhesive allows you to adjust your decal placement as needed, and even reuse your SimpleTack auto dealer graphics! SimpleTack adheres well on a variety of surfaces, so you have the freedom to place our graphics on the hood, windshield, door, or any other vehicle surface you desire!

Ready to upgrade your on-vehicle advertising? View our full Auto Dealer Marketing Decal collection here!